The Cure for Snoring

There are many different snoring cures and snoring remedies available on the market. However, finding a solution that really works is a difficult task. Unfortunately, many of the cures for snoring or snoring remedies are unproven or simply work by preventing the snorer from sleeping. When it comes to a true snoring cure, one size does not fit all.

iRollOver's natural snoring cure uses a proven scientific technique called positional therapy. The device is designed for the 60% of snorers that predominately snore on their back.  iRollOver senses the body's sleep position and plays a custom recordable message (delivered only to the user) assisting the user to "RollOver" onto their side.  The alert feature is delivered discreetly to the user through an earbud, allowing the bed-partner to sleep undisturbed.
iRollOver's patent-pending approach allows the user to freely move from side-to-side, a unique feature among positional aids. Most devices utilize a wedge design, preventing natural side-to-side movement during sleep.  iRollOver is also the only positional device that allows the user to fall asleep on their back, utilizing a built in delay. 
iRollOver's unique features provide the user and the bed partner with the sleep they deserve.
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